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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbrushwoodbrush‧wood /ˈbrʌʃwʊd/ noun [uncountable]  TPDNsmall dead branches broken from trees or bushes
Examples from the Corpus
brushwoodShe had gained the opposite bank and was poking about in a great drifting mass of torn grass and brushwood.The demonic figures wearing ugly masks and straw and brushwood clothes are intended to scare away evil spirits.Tonight, two of the piles, including the highest bridge, would be offered nothing but brushwood.Indeed, contour ploughing, contour brushwood planting, and ditch-and-bund constructions could be said to be types of terrace.Thereafter he was allowed only six boatloads of brushwood a year, to be taken out under view of the bailiff.The word was before them, the fire ran through the brushwood.They pile up brushwood to dim her in lolloping flames.More old ladies were sweeping the passage with brushwood brooms a nation of stooping, laboring grannies.