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burnburn2 ●●○ S3 noun [countable]  1 MIBURNan injury caused by fire, heat, the light of the sun, or acid His body was covered in cigarette burns.severe/serious burns She was taken to the hospital with serious burns. Several of the survivors suffered severe burns. She is being treated for minor burns.2 a mark on something caused by fire or heat The desk was covered with graffiti and burn marks.3 a painful mark on the skin caused by it rubbing hard against something rough4 the burn5 DN British English a small stream
Examples from the Corpus
burnHe said the average length of time for a burn survivor to get over grief is 12 to 18 months.The child had cigarette burns on his arms and legs.The knot under his chin was still firmly fastened and he had extensive burns on his head and face.She was treated for minor burns on her hands.Jones suffered only minor burns when her house was set ablaze last week.She suffered powder burns to her right hand and a bullet passed through the sleeve of her nightgown.Radial burns can also be used to circularize an elliptical orbit.Billy was taken to the hospital with severe burns.Severe burns result after skin contact even with dilute solutions; the burns may not appear until hours after exposure.The ambulance men arrived and immediately poured ice cold water over the burns.minor burnsShe needed treatment for smoke inhalation and minor burns.Mercifully he suffered only minor burns to his wrists and neck, the judge said.He was taken to hospital with minor burns to his hair, left arm, face and ears.Luckily they got out with minor burns, but that could have been very serious.burn marksThere was one chair and a narrow desk riddled with graffiti and burn marks.He would have burn marks on his hands.There were minute burn marks on his hands and on his shoulders.Boy was bruised badly around the mouth, and had red burn marks around both of his wrists.But, this should be avoided, as we created several burn marks through over-zealous use.There was a pillow with burn marks.