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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcascadecas‧cade1 /kæˈskeɪd/ noun [countable]  1 DNa small steep waterfall that is one of several together2 LOT/LARGE NUMBER OR AMOUNTsomething that hangs down in large quantitiescascade of Her hair fell over her shoulders in a cascade of curls.
Examples from the Corpus
cascadeThe awning flew back with a chainsaw rasp, and a cascade of rainwater came down on her head.In a way, development can be thought of as a cascade, one event leading to another.On the other side is the mosaic-tiled bath, as blue as the sea, beneath a cascade of tropical plants.The continuous wandering of the continents also produced a cascade of side effects.One intervention causes the next one to be needed and eventually leads to a cascade of interventions of increasing seriousness.The entire period-doubling cascade can be given a similar interpretation.Rainbows glanced off the cascade of the waterfall.Pharmacological agents could then be selected to modify these cascades.Light in texture, it is sublime served with cascades of cream poured over.cascade ofRebecca was tall and slim with a cascade of dark curly hair.