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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcaverncav‧ern /ˈkævən $ -ərn/ noun [countable]  DNa large cave
Examples from the Corpus
cavernA few that remain protrude from the side and top, synthetic stalactites in a cavern of the sea.Jewel-tipped stalactites hung from the cavern roof, aglow like many little lamps.The Environmental Protection Agency has authorised the storage of only 8,500 drums in the cavern over a five year test period.It was too soon; she was still in the cavern.The bats leave the caverns at sunset each day to feed on night-flying insects.Even access is not encouraged, and the tracks leading to the caverns are also closed.We swam in the chilly river of the Titou Gorge where it winds through caverns underground.The deepest is Lechuguilla, an undeveloped cavern that reaches 1,567 feet into the Earth.