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clapclap2 noun πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 [singular]PRAISE the loud sound that you make when you hit your hands together many times to show that you enjoyed somethinggive somebody a clap British English πŸ”Š Come on everyone, let’s give Tommy a clap.2 DN[singular] a sudden loud noise πŸ”Š an ear-splitting clap of thunder3 β†’ the clap
Examples from the Corpus
clapβ€’ I give her a clap and turn round.β€’ Witnesses recalled a clap of wood and the sight of Bailey plunging toward the ground, then his dangling body spinning hard.β€’ The thought of another dose of clap flashed across his mind.β€’ Check the responses after all the claps.β€’ Under those trees no dragons could fly ... He heard the clap of wings before shadows folded around him.β€’ Some ten seconds later, we heard the clap of thunder.β€’ After a while the clapping died down.give somebody a clapβ€’ When they stop I give them a clap, but no one else does.β€’ I give her a clap and turn round.clap of thunderβ€’ There is a clap of thunder and the garden disappears.β€’ Suddenly we nearly jumped out of our skins as there was an incredible clap of thunder.β€’ Some ten seconds later, we heard the clap of thunder.