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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcloudycloud‧y /ˈklaʊdi/ ●●● S2 W3 adjective  1 DNDARKa cloudy sky, day etc is dark because there are a lot of clouds opp clear a cloudy night with some light rain Tomorrow, it will be cloudy and cool.2 SEEcloudy liquids are not clear a rather cloudy wine3 CONFUSEDcloudy thoughts, memories etc are not very clear or exactTHESAURUScloudy with a lot of cloudsThe weather was cold and cloudy.cloudy skiesgrey (also gray American English) grey in colour, because there are dark clouds – used especially in written descriptionsMary looked out at the cold grey sky.overcast dark and completely covered with cloudsa chilly overcast dayleaden literary a leaden sky is grey and full of dark cloudsSnow fell from a leaden sky.gloomy dark and cloudy, in a depressing wayThe gloomy weather shows no sign of improving.foggy with thick low cloud that is difficult to see through. You use foggy especially about low-lying placesa foggy day in London in Novembermisty with light low cloud that is difficult to see through. You use misty especially about places that are next to water or in the mountainsa cold misty morninghazy with air that looks cloudy, because there is smoke, dust, or mist in ithazy sunshine
Examples from the Corpus
cloudyI'd tell myself that the sky only looked grey because it was really still night-time, not because it was cloudy.a cloudy dayYou can still get sunburnt on a cloudy day.But the only thing there was a fragile gecko, which clung splay-footed to the wall and watched me with cloudy eyes.In the partly cloudy moonlight, I checked my watch: 0200.He looked at the water going cloudy pink.Their eyes met through the cloudy plastic of the window.He looked around, but the streets were empty, cloudy skies indifferent.There was one rather cloudy window.