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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcrosswindcross‧wind /ˈkrɒsˌwɪnd $ ˈkrɒːs-/ noun [countable]  DNa wind that blows across the direction that you are moving in
Examples from the Corpus
crosswindIf you are in good practice, it is fun to discover just how accurate you can be with a crosswind landing.Circuits are flown without a crosswind or base leg, just a constant turn to or from the downwind.When driving at speed, the engineers noted that headwinds and crosswinds caused the blades to lift off the windscreen.Its body shape means it is one of the most stable road vehicles in crosswinds.Pre-flights complete, Ian lifts crosswind into the hover.The photo at the bottom of the page shows a player teeing off in a left-to-right crosswind.Stinging crosswinds splayed the plumes of Pegasus' wings.Your first attempts in a light breeze will probably get no further than the crosswind point.