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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdensedense /dens/ ●●○ adjective πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 NEARmade of or containing a lot of things or people that are very close together syn thickdense undergrowth/forest/woodland/jungle etc πŸ”Š A narrow track wound steeply up through dense forest. πŸ”Š the city's dense population2 DNdifficult to see through or breathe indense fog/smoke/cloud πŸ”Š dense black smoke3 informal not able to understand things easily syn stupid πŸ”Š Am I being dense? I don’t quite understand.4 ALa dense piece of writing is difficult to understand because it contains a lot of information or uses complicated language5 HP technical a substance that is dense has a lot of mass in relation to its size πŸ”Š Water is eight hundred times denser than air. β€”densely adverb πŸ”Š a densely populated area β€”denseness noun [uncountable]COLLOCATIONSnounsdense forest/wood/woodland/jungleTheir helicopter could not land because of the dense jungle.dense undergrowth (=plants, bushes etc growing around and under trees)The bird is found mainly in woodland where there is dense undergrowth.dense vegetation (=plants in general)The land around here is covered with dense vegetation.dense foliage (=leaves of a plant or tree)a thick bushy plant with dense foliagea dense covering of somethingsteep-sided mountains with a dense covering of treesa dense massa dense mass of equatorial rainforesta dense network of somethingThe country is served by a dense network of roads.a dense population (=a lot of people living close together)Britain has a particular problem because of dense population.
Examples from the Corpus
denseβ€’ Sometimes you just seem so dense!β€’ Lais's hand shook as she downed the dense amber liquid.β€’ The acacia grove, like a dense cloud, became a dark backdrop for her.β€’ Indeed, Beautiful World is a dense collection of tightly constructed tracks characterized by their complexity and variety.β€’ Coniferous forests, often dense, in taiga and on mountains, less often in other woods.β€’ The overall effect is of information produced in a much less dense manner than is characteristic of written language.β€’ As it develops a dense mat of roots, the depth of the mixture should be at least four inches.β€’ I actually became interested in those dark, dense paragraphs of print.β€’ a dense populationβ€’ The candles were useless in the dense smoke, and it was many minutes before we could see.β€’ dense smokeβ€’ The jungle is so dense you cannot walk through it.dense undergrowth/forest/woodland/jungle etcβ€’ Army helicopters could not land because of the mountainous terrain and dense jungle.β€’ Day 9 Ottawa-Orilla Head north into stunning wilderness country, a region of sparkling lakes, rushing streams and dense forests.β€’ Not like the Harz with its dense forests.β€’ Inmates were paid 50 cents a day for the back-breaking chore of clearing right of way through dense forests and laying track.β€’ We watched the men bundle up their parachutes and move off through the dense undergrowth, chopping at it with jungle machetes.β€’ As the pace of deforestation picked up, the area of land covered by dense forest declined considerably.β€’ She gazed at the dense forest, then up at the sky.dense fog/smoke/cloudβ€’ Almost the entire journey was through the plain, now covered in dense fog.β€’ It flings its fine hairs in the face of the assailant, in a dense cloud.β€’ The candles were useless in the dense smoke, and it was many minutes before we could see.β€’ The acacia grove, like a dense cloud, became a dark backdrop for her.β€’ The Magellan radar-mapping mission was designed to penetrate the dense cloud layer and return detailed radar images of the surface geology.β€’ It appears that the Leonids contain a dense cloud of dust released during recent stressful passages of comet Tempel-Tuttle by the Sun.β€’ There was dust everywhere - the shop was filled with a dense fog of it.β€’ Standard polyurethane foam ignites rapidly, forming dense clouds of smoke and toxic vapour as it does so.