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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdewdew /djuː $ duː/ noun [uncountable]  DNthe small drops of water that form on outdoor surfaces during the night
Examples from the Corpus
dewIt was early, and dew still lingered in the grass.During July, August and September there would be quite heavy dew in the sheltered hollows along the wood.Heavy pearl drops of dew splashed noisily on jute leaves that had fallen to the ground.Drops of dew trembled on the flowers.Ropes became fringed with a rime of dew.They said the cotton was heavier at dawn because of the dew and you could make more money than in the afternoon.They may also trap the dew in hairs.The dew vanished from the flowers; they began to lose their freshness and to wilt, passing from hand to hand.