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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdriftwooddrift‧wood /ˈdrɪftwʊd/ noun [uncountable]  DNTTWwood floating in the sea or left on the shore
Examples from the Corpus
driftwoodThe floodwater, carrying branches and driftwood, was over the roadway on the curved iron bridge.He saw the horseshoe cove, dammed off from the sea by driftwood and ice.It is here that the road pulls you back to the pounding sea and a shoreline littered with huge driftwood logs.I poked at its decomposing body with a long driftwood stick, working to turn it over.Mr. Novak placed them in a 35 gallon tank containing three large Echinodorus Sword plants and a great deal of driftwood.But here you are, turned up like a piece of driftwood.She adds to the fire with driftwood.Frustrated designers constructed elaborate beach retreats with driftwood, bamboo poles, and Laura Ashley sheets.