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drizzledrizzle2 noun [singular, uncountable]  DNweather that is a combination of light rain and mist A light drizzle had started by the time we left.see thesaurus at raindrizzly /ˈdrɪzli/ adjective
Examples from the Corpus
drizzleOr late frosts, and drizzle throughout August?The total removal rate shot up to 27 percent an hour, depositing the sulphur in a concentrated drizzle.An endless drizzle clung to the air like fog.The rain has diminished to an intermittent drizzle, but it is still cold.Thicker cloud will bring patchy drizzle over north-west-facing coasts and hills.General situation: Sunny spells with some drizzle.A mosquito bit me on the neck and brought me back to my damp aluminum deck and the drizzle.