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dropdrop2 ●●● S2 W3 noun πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 liquid [countable]LIQUID a very small amount of liquid that falls in a round shapedrop of πŸ”Š As the first drops of rain began to fall, Michael started to run. πŸ”Š A single drop of blood splashed onto the floor. πŸ”Š A drop of sweat ran down her forehead and into her eye. β†’ rain drop, teardropβ–Ί see thesaurus at piece2 small amount [usually singular] informal a) DFDLIQUIDa small amount of liquid that you drink, especially alcoholdrop of πŸ”Š She likes to add a drop of brandy to her tea. πŸ”Š George hasn’t touched a drop (=drunk any alcohol) for years. b) SMALLa small amount of somethingdrop of πŸ”Š I haven’t got a drop of sympathy for him.3 reduction [singular]LESS a reduction in the amount, level, or number of something, especially a large or sudden one syn falldrop in πŸ”Š Manufacturers report a big drop in new orders. πŸ”Š a drop in temperaturea sharp/dramatic/marked drop in something πŸ”Š The results showed a sharp drop in profits.4 distance to ground [singular]DNDISTANCE a distance from a higher point down to the ground or to a lower point πŸ”Š There was a steep drop on one side of the track. πŸ”Š a 20-metre drop πŸ”Š There was an almost sheer (=vertical) drop to the valley below.5 β†’ at the drop of a hat6 delivery [countable]TTA an act of delivering something somewhere, for example by dropping it from a plane syn delivery πŸ”Š Air drops (=from a plane) of food aid were made to the region yesterday. πŸ”Š My first drop of the day is usually somewhere in north London. β†’ mail drop7 β†’ lemon/fruit/chocolate etc drop8 β†’ a drop in the ocean9 β†’ eye/ear etc drops
Examples from the Corpus
dropβ€’ Despite the air drops of food and tents, the refugees continue to suffer.β€’ Big drops of rain slid down the window pane.β€’ Unfortunately, the talent level took a definite drop by the late-1980s.β€’ Then for every drop of oil that stuck to the chopstick a drop of water remained in the bottle.β€’ Add a few drops of vanilla essence, the egg white and half the butter.β€’ She applied a few drops of perfume behind her ears and smiled at her reflection in the mirror.β€’ It's a twenty-five-foot drop from this cliff.β€’ In fact, each individual drop of water is describing a circular motion which takes it nowhere overall.β€’ Worrell had achieved any captain's dream of knowing that his players would give their last drop of sweat just for him.β€’ It was the worst one-day stock market drop since the Great Crash of 1929.β€’ Multiply the number of widths by the number of pattern repeats per drop to give the total number of pattern repeats required.β€’ There was a sudden drop in the plane's altitude.β€’ Maggie slid from the saddle and held the reins, her eyes on the drop to the lake.drop ofβ€’ a tear dropβ€’ The glass in the kitchen still had a drop of milk in it.β€’ Big drops of rain splashed on the sidewalk.a sharp/dramatic/marked drop in somethingβ€’ Cuts in salaries, bonuses and overtime payments have reduced many family-incomes and caused a sharp drop in consumer spending.β€’ The announcement prompted a sharp drop in the share price, along with the departure of one Uni-Invest board member.β€’ One reason: a sharp drop in the number of undergraduate students choosing economics as a major.β€’ Guest houses reported a sharp drop in visitors on the popular route following the attack.β€’ The Socialists suffered a sharp drop in votes and seats.β€’ Could these factors contribute to a dramatic drop in the self-esteem of schoolgirls?β€’ The decline was in part due to a sharp drop in gasoline prices.β€’ Last year, a sharp drop in interest rates boosted the value of a 30-year Treasury bond by more than 30 percent.sheer ... dropβ€’ He'd had a short walk after the service and every path seemed to end in a cliff or a sheer drop.β€’ There is a wind-blown cornice of about one and a half metres overhanging a sheer drop of about eight metres.β€’ There was a sheer drop, half the height of a man, down to the water's surface.β€’ They parked and walked to the cape where there was a terrifying sheer drop to the sea.β€’ The fourth side of the clearing was sheer cliff drop, attended by a barrier of split rails.β€’ The cliff was sheer, dropping down to secret rocky coves below them with the sea gently lapping white sand.