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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdry landˌdry ˈland noun [uncountable]  DNAREAland rather than water After three weeks at sea we were glad to be back on dry land again.
Examples from the Corpus
dry landOur group learned the basics on a dry land simulator - a Topper without the sail.Under water as well as on dry land E. tenellus is propagated vegetatively from the root runners.He walked slowly, however, to make the journey as long as possible, and put her down on dry land.She was looking forward to standing on dry land once more.He was treading on dry land.On dry land the nearest equivalents of the filter-feeders are the grazers.The dry land plants, suitable for paludariums and terrariums, have leaves distinctly divided into the petiole and narrowly lanceolate blades.