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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdunedune /djuːn $ duːn/ noun [countable]  SGDNa hill made of sand near the sea or in the desert syn sand dune
Examples from the Corpus
duneThe house stood on a ridge of ancient dune, far from the front beach in a neighborhood of tiny old bungalows.The only hazard they are likely to encounter is a sand dune.Participants will also visit the adjacent Oceano sand dunes wilderness area.Parts of the fairway had reverted to sand dune.Ruth went down, then climbed up again into the dunes, wondering how she was going to find Adam.I lay there feeling my stomach sinking slowly.into the sand on the top of the dune.Jen and I climbed back to the top of the dune and sat down to-gether.Once past the chalets Gazzer took what he thought was a short cut through the dunes.