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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisheddyed‧dy1 /ˈedi/ noun (plural eddies) [countable]  DNa circular movement of water, wind, dust etc the racing river caused swirling eddies
Examples from the Corpus
eddySabour was an eddy of life in the midst of a sea of lethargy.We got too deep into the whitewater, skimmed a hidden back eddy, and were spun around 180 degrees.But he attempts to capture the flow of the music in constant eddies of movement.Some general comments about the large eddies are needed before we consider a wake specifically.Small eddies in the flow entrain cold water, mixing it into the plume, cooling the plume quickly.The details of the evening, the chronology of conversation came in successive eddies of reflected delight and despair.The figure shows schematically the pattern of motion produced by several such eddies.Also, these eddies are particularly apparent in experiments with dyed wakes.