Date: 1200-1300
Language: Old French
Origin: fiers, from Latin ferus 'wild'


1 done with a lot of energy and strong feelings, and sometimes violent:
fierce fighting in the city
fierce attack/opposition/criticism etc
The government's policies came under fierce attack.
a fierce debate
fierce competition between the companies
2 a fierce person or animal is angry or ready to attack, and looks very frightening:
fierce guard dogs
She turned round, looking fierce.
3 fierce emotions are very strong and often angry:
These people take fierce pride in their independence.
4DN fierce cold, heat, or weather is much colder, hotter etc than usual:
a fierce wind

something fierce

American English spoken more loudly, strongly etc than usual:
It was snowing something fierce.
fiercely adverb
fierceness noun [uncountable]

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