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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfiercefierce /fɪəs $ fɪrs/ ●●○ adjective  1 EMOTIONALdone with a lot of energy and strong feelings, and sometimes violence fierce fighting in the cityfierce attack/opposition/criticism etc The government’s policies came under fierce attack. a fierce debate fierce competition between the companiessee thesaurus at violent2 VIOLENTa fierce person or animal is angry or ready to attack, and looks very frightening fierce guard dogs She turned round, looking fierce.3 ANGRYfierce emotions are very strong and often angry These people take fierce pride in their independence.4 DNfierce cold, heat, or weather is much colder, hotter etc than usual a fierce wind5 informal looking very good and fashionable syn fabulous6 something fiercefierceness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
fierceFrom $ 20 to $ 35, competition is fierce.The dog was standing at the gave, looking fierce and growling.They are fierce and noble warriors and though the dragons are few they can still rouse some in times of great need.The blare from the horns and the shouting from nearby drivers and pedestrians waiting to cross was both fierce and ugly.The Government could breathe a sigh of relief at the disappearance of some of its fiercest critics.Two fierce eyes glared at the terror-stricken sailors.The fiercest fighting took place in the West Woods.Swans are always fierce in defence of their young.Rogers is a young player with a fierce love for the game.Initial reports that the bond was to be fixed at £10,000 stirred fierce opposition to the scheme.The peregrine falcon is one of nature's fiercest predators.It was one of the region's fiercest storms in years.fierce competitionBut the retail revival will continue only for those companies that can deal with unprecedentedly fierce competition.There were few secondary schools in Rhodesia in the early 1950s so there was fierce competition for places.The first two impressions of the report sell out before publication, and there is fierce competition for the paperback rights.One reason is obvious: fierce competition from Microsoft.Since the late 1980s, fierce competition has driven down rates.The fiercest competition of all, therefore, is between the rival television channels.Members of larger cohorts experience fiercer competition throughout their lives for places in schools, university, employment, and promotion.Remember, too, that he is hardly ever a monopolist: he works in fierce competition with fellow scalpers.Despite fierce competition within the industry, prices are unlikely to drop any further.