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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfjordfjord, fiord /ˈfiːɔːd, fjɔːd $ fiːˈɔːrd, fjɔːrd/ noun [countable]  DNSGa narrow area of sea between high cliffs, especially in Norway
Examples from the Corpus
fjordThey tied the knot in a romantic ceremony on the banks of a fjord.We were travelling along the Lofoten Wall, an apt description for the mountains protecting this huge sea fjord.A local man offers to ferry me across the fjord and I am soon on the way to Holt.The glacier feeding the fjord starts to melt at this time of year.I followed his pointing finger, and saw the Scipio slide into the fjord at a good speed.Unimpressed, I went down to the edge of the fjord to find somewhere to camp.I decided to go for a walk westward along the side of the fjord.The hydrofoil entered the harbour, revealing the characteristic wooden docks, with brightly-painted buildings sticking out the fjord on spidery sticks.