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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfloodflood1 /flʌd/ ●●○ W3 verb  1 cover with water [intransitive, transitive]DNWET to cover a place with water, or to become covered with water Towns and cities all over the country have been flooded. The houses down by the river flood quite regularly.2 river [intransitive, transitive]DNWATER if a river floods, it is too full, and spreads water over the land around it There are now fears that the river could flood.3 go/arrive in large numbers [intransitive always + adverb/preposition]GO to arrive or go somewhere in large numbers syn pour, flow Refugees are still flooding across the border. Donations have been flooding in since we launched the appeal.4 flood something with something5 be flooded with something6 flood the market7 light [intransitive, transitive]BRIGHT if light floods a place or floods into it, it makes it very light and brightflood into Light flooded into the kitchen.flood something with something The morning sun flooded the room with a gentle light.8 feeling [intransitive always + adverb/preposition, transitive]FEEL HAPPY/FRIGHTENED/BORED ETC if a feeling or memory floods over you or floods back, you feel or remember it very stronglyflood over/back I felt happiness and relief flooding over me. Memories of my time in Paris flooded back.9 engine [intransitive, transitive]TTC if an engine floods or if you flood it, it has too much petrol in it, so that it will not start flood somebody ↔ out→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
floodAfter two days of continuous rain, the village was flooded.Three major rivers have already flooded, and two more are on red alert.If ozone deterioration persisted, they warned, solar ultraviolet radiation would flood Earth.Loneliness flooded her as she watched J.D. walk away.And as she remembered her own vivid imaginings a blush crept up her throat to flood her cheeks with hot colour.The whole town flooded last summer.That wild sky and those immaculate rivers come flooding, literally, across the border.To flood the air with carbon dioxide, the biospherians hauled back the tons of dried grass clippings they had removed earlier.They believe moves to tighten the gun laws even further could result in even more firearms flooding the black market.Farmers flood the fields in order to grow rice.The fire department showed up and flooded the hall with their hoses.Donations flooded the newspaper and the school.In the rainy season the river can rise rapidly to flood the valley in a few hours.Melting snow floods the valleys each spring.Dust floated in the beams of light that flooded through the fanlight over the front door.The small room was flooded with light.flood over/backAll her misgivings came flooding back.My heart skipped a beat and the fear came flooding back.She glimpsed smooth skin, but the blood and dirt flooded back in.Colour flooded back into her life, like magic.And at once all the warnings flooded back into her mind.When there are sudden floods over the banks, more sand and mud are deposited, mainly near the river channel.The stammered words of the Consul flooded back to him.Once the search area has been widened however, enthusiasm flooded back with a loud response from one of the metal detectors.