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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfogfog1 /fɒɡ $ fɑːɡ, fɒːɡ/ ●●● S3 W3 noun  1 [countable, uncountable]DN cloudy air near the ground which is difficult to see through syn mistthick/dense/freezing fog We got lost in the thick fog. It will be a cold night, and there may be fog patches. A blanket of fog covered the fields. The fog lifted (=disappeared) in the afternoon.2 [singular] informalCONFUSED a state in which you feel confused and cannot think clearly My mind was in a fog.fog of the fog of tirednessCOLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + fogthick/dense/heavy fog (=great in amount and difficult to see through)The two lorries collided in heavy fog.freezing fogFlights were cancelled due to freezing fog.swirling fog (=which blows around)She could not see through the swirling fog.patchy fog (=in some areas but not in others)Mist and patchy fog will form tonight.hill/sea/ground fogRain was forecast, along with hill fog.verbsbe covered in fogThe mountains were covered in fog.be shrouded in fog literaryThe streets of London were shrouded in fog.the fog comes down (also the fog descends literary) (=it appears)Day after day the fog came down.the fog rolls in (=it arrives from the mountains, the sea etc)The fog rolled in from the ocean.the fog lifts (=it disappears)He sat and waited for the fog to lift.phrasesa blanket of fog (=a large area of fog)A blanket of fog lay over the town.a bank of fog (also a fog bank) (=a large mass of fog)As we approached the coast, we ran into a dense bank of fog.patches of fog (=fog that forms in some places but not in others)Patches of fog are expected later today.
Examples from the Corpus
fogDense fog is making driving conditions difficult on many roads.A matched pair of front fog lamps can be substituted for headlamps in conditions of fog or falling snow.It exercised no power over its cloak of fog, it gives no direction.Watch out for patches of fog in low-lying areas.And the fog lighting up around him.The grown-ups were already packing their cars in the hope of driving beyond the fog.I could just make a dim figure coming towards me in the fog.John Wade shook his head and listened to the fog.He sat and watched the fog lift and reveal the colorless lake beneath, as blank as paper this morning.All there was around her was endless waves of ruby and ice with the fog crawling beneath her feet.The fog was so thick that it had obscured the land beneath them.The fog has almost cleared - our plane will be able to take off soonThick fog is making driving conditions hazardous.fog liftedWe left Shimoda as soon as the fog lifted, and attempted to sail on to Tokyo Bay.In any case, there was nothing anyone could do about the men in the trenches until the fog lifted.in a fogAlthough Stillman seemed to be in a fog, he nevertheless knew where he was going.Stillman seems to be in a fog.They were enveloped in fog as they would continue to be for almost nineteen of the twenty hours of the flight.Alas, I am still immersed in Fog.Crazy is living in a fog and pissing your pants.The trail was half lost in fog, the overcast squatted on the mountain.Dimitri Volkov was in a fog of mental apathy and confusion.The Republican presidential campaign moved out of New Hampshire on Wednesday in a fog.But it didn't work in fog.