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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishforeshorefore‧shore /ˈfɔːʃɔː $ ˈfɔːrʃɔːr/ noun [countable usually singular, uncountable] British English  1 DNthe part of the shore between the highest and lowest levels that the sea reaches2 DNthe part of the shore between the edge of the sea and the part of the land that has houses, grass etc
Examples from the Corpus
foreshoreCardiff foreshore turned up a few conger and codling.When the break in the dull, rainy weather came I decided on a day's search of the river foreshore.They had enjoyed each other's company over the last hour, hacking along the foreshore of the estuary.This Grade 2 Listed Building is set in a rocky cliff face pointing out to sea a little way along the foreshore.There, stretching from the foreshore to the Wall, was a solid line of soldiers.Something seemed to have excited them, they'd found something on the foreshore.The foreshore was dark as pitch, but the corner street lamps palely illuminated the deck of Maurice.