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freakfreak2 ●○○ adjective [only before noun]  DNUNUSUALunexpected and very unusual a freak result He was crushed to death in a freak accident.freak wind/wave/storm etc The men drowned when a freak wave sank their boat.see thesaurus at unusual
Examples from the Corpus
freakCall it a freak accident and, hopefully, be done with it and race on.In the same year, as the result of a freak accident in the Alps, Steve's friend Georges Bettembourg perished.Two planes were lifted up and thrown across the tarmac by a freak gust of wind.Thus although a marked increase is apparent in recent years it may prove to be due entirely to three freak movements.Another bicycle, another freak pumpkin, this one weighing perhaps more than Lois.We maintain more freak religions and cults than all the rest of the world combined.A freak result - nerves - you must have written gibberish.It turns the symphony into a freak show.He broke his leg in a freak training accident.A freak wave wrecked most of the seafront.freak resultIt had been a good shot, an honest shot with a freak result.A freak result - nerves - you must have written gibberish.