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freezefreeze2 ●○○ noun  1 [countable]STOP something THAT IS HAPPENING a time when people are not allowed to increase prices or paya price/pay/wage freezefreeze on a freeze on pay rises2 [countable]STOP something THAT IS HAPPENING the stopping of some activity or processfreeze on The government have imposed a freeze on civil service appointments.3 DNCOLD[singular] British English a period of extremely cold weather4 [countable usually singular] American EnglishPERIOD OF TIME a short period of time, especially at night, when the temperature is extremely low deep freeze
Examples from the Corpus
freezeThe prime minister has announced a freeze on income tax for two years.Banana plants will die back in a freeze but usually return in the spring from the rootstocks.Other stringent measures included a freeze on tax allowances this year.Unless a freak freeze is experienced, an unusually warm late winter-early springtime will have Augusta National in lush heavily-grassed condition.Wait to prune in March, when the Gulf Coast area is usually out of danger of a hard freeze.While the Cabinet has yet to make final decisions, ministers seemed set to approve a pay freeze.a price/pay/wage freezeThe 340 hourly-paid workers would not accept a wages freeze and cuts in their benefits and were sacked.While the Cabinet has yet to make final decisions, ministers seemed set to approve a pay freeze.Three-quarters of the workforce was sacked after failing to accept a management plan which involved a wages freeze and benefit cuts.Around one in eight of the survey sample reported a pay freeze for the workers concerned.