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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfreshenfresh‧en /ˈfreʃən/ verb  1 (also freshen up) [transitive]NEW to make something look or feel clean, new, attractive, cool etc syn brighten (up) I’m going to buy some white paint to freshen up the bathroom walls.2 [intransitive]DNCOLD if the wind freshens, it gets colder and stronger3 (also freshen up) [transitive] to add more liquid to a drink The waitress freshened our coffee. freshen up→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
freshenTo freshen a celery stalk, trim the base and place in cold water.The wind was freshening and he took in the mizzen-sail.Restless, woozy at the margins, he freshened his drink and carried it out to the sofa in the living room.To freshen the palate we finished with summer fruits in a delicate sugar basket with a strawberry coulis - a mouthwatering combination.With the advent of new candidates, their appeals needed to be freshened up and their cutting edges toughened.He locked the door, showered and freshened up for supper.Time to use the washroom, freshen up, take breakfast and a cab to the centre of London's West End.Some new pastel curtains should freshen up the bedroom.In addition, Ward requires on-line feedback from teachers so that the curriculum can be freshened with new insights.Freshen your skin with avocado body lotion.