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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgentlegen‧tle /ˈdʒentl/ ●●○ S3 W3 adjective  1 KINDNICEkind and careful in the way you behave or do things, so that you do not hurt or damage anyone or anything opp rough Arthur was a very gentle, caring person.gentle voice/smile/touch ‘Where does it hurt?’ she asked in a gentle voice.gentle with Be gentle with the baby.2 TOO/TOO MUCHnot extreme, strong, or violentgentle exercise/walk/stroll etc a program of regular gentle exercise the gentle pressure of Jill’s hand After a little gentle persuasion, she agreed to go back to her family. Melt the butter over a gentle heat (=low heat).3 DNa gentle wind or rain is soft and light a gentle breeze4 DNa gentle hill or slope is not steep or sharp the gentle slopes of Mt Peléegentleness noun [uncountable] gently
Examples from the Corpus
gentleMy father was a professional boxer, but at home with the family he was always quiet and gentle.Her voice is gentle and warm.The gentle and yet rapid response that one achieves has to be experienced to be understood.She lay on the beach enjoying the gentle breeze.The program contains nine gentle exercise routines set to music.a sweet, gentle girl who wouldn't hurt a flyOh, Lee, you're the gentlest person I know.Mia's such a gentle person.On a sunny afternoon we explored the gentler scenery near Henley and Oxford.She looks so gentle, so much at peace.the gentle warmth of the fireIt is also occasionally found growing in small colonies in shallower parts of lakes with gentle water turbulence.gentle voice/smile/touchHe had a gentle touch, a musician's touch.She answered all my questions with a gentle smile and an air of long-suffering patience.Sensitive skins need the gentle touch - Moistura fragrance Free products from Cyclax provide the perfect solution.Pray that they would know the gentle touch of our Lord in their lives in the coming days.Presently it felt the gentle touch of radiations, trying to probe its secrets.A gentle touch on her cheek, then her arm.Thinking about it and its possible implications, he drifted into a fitful doze, a gentle smile on his face.The plums are so bitter by themselves, Mrs Sano tells us in her gentle voice, that they are almost inedible.gentle exercise/walk/stroll etcA friend of mine, Audrey Walker, used to come and involve the patients in some gentle exercises.Just outside Dundee there are several country parks ideal for gentle walks.Gorleston, on the southern outskirts of town, offers a gentle walk and a pleasing test.The weather, being much better than expected, allowed us to take a gentle stroll and some light refreshment.She took gentle walks each day.Very gentle exercise is, on the other hand, an excellent way of waking up.A gentle stroll through the gardens led down to the beautiful long, wide beach.gentle breezeA soft June morning with a blue sky and a gentle breeze.Sun shone through a gentle breeze.A gentle breeze blew through the windows, lightly rustling the curtains.Uncertain which way to go, Benny gradually became aware of a gentle breeze blowing from the right.A gentle breeze blows out of the west.Recent bootprints were marked in the thin coating of green sandy soil that had been blown by gentle breezes over the buildings.Hear the birds and cicadas, listen for the gentle breeze rustling the leaves.You should send a strong wind over the rivers, and a gentle breeze upon the orchards.