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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgreengreen1 /ɡriːn/ ●●● S1 W2 adjective  1 colourCC having the colour of grass or leaves beautiful green eyes Raw coffee beans are green in colour.dark/light/pale/bright green a dark green dress bottle green, lime green, pea green, → olive green at olive(3)2 grassyDN covered with grass, trees, bushes etc green fields3 fruit/plantHBPDFREADY not yet ready to be eaten, or very young The bananas are still green. tiny green shoots of new grass4 environment a) (also Green) [only before noun] connected with the environment or its protection green issues such as the greenhouse effect and global warming He was an early champion of green politics. b) harming the environment as little as possible We need to develop greener cleaning products. The industry has promised to go green (=change so that it harms the environment less).see thesaurus at environmentally friendly5 without experience informalREADY young and lacking experience syn naive I was pretty green then; I had a lot of things to learn.6 ill informalILL looking pale and unhealthy because you are ill George looked a bit green the next morning.look green about/around the gills (=look pale and ill) 7 green with envy8 the green-eyed monster9 have green fingers10 the green stuffgreenness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
greenGo! The light's green.They are not mere repositories of geographic information, they are yellow, red, brown, green and blue.green bananasFinally, this leads me into green disciplining.A government committee is considering a proposal for a green energy policy.I looked into the mirror, my green eyes looking back out at me showing no emotion, no excitement at all.green eyesrolling green fieldsMore money needs to be invested in developing greener fuel sources.There are lots of green groups in Portland and Seattle.Even when I was 21 I was so green, I had no idea that my best friend was on drugs.Then he reached under the counter for his slim green ledgers.The green light surrounding them now seemed to be imparting a sick lifeless pallor.Paint the arch white, green or black.a conference attended by representatives of all the Green parties of Europe.Pike was a grizzled combat veteran in charge of fifteen green recruits.The term green shrimp refers to all or any uncooked shrimp.Framed photographs of Manningham swinging a club decorated the lime green walls.George turned greener with each rock of the boat.dark/light/pale/bright greenThe creature was dark green and about seven metres in length.It included Gale, evergreen Veratrum with flowering buds, dark green and striped-leaved Pyrola and a pretty Lycopodium.It was high, and thick, and of a bright green colour.Alternatively, reverse colours, using dark green in feeder 1 and white or pastel colour in feeder 2, as illustrated.In a diffused light of sufficient intensity the same varieties form exquisite growth of long bright green leaves.But every day we see more pastel patches of red, purple, yellow, and pale green of swelling buds.Cabled zip cardigan, £54, in leaf green, mustard, dark green or navy.Kip drew his eyes down from the luminous dark green peaks that ringed Long Tieng.