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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishground levelˈground ˌlevel noun [uncountable]  DNthe same level as the surface of the Earth, rather than above it or below it The flats are set around a courtyard with shops at ground level.
Examples from the Corpus
ground levelIt was also decided that the living areas would be upstairs, with the bedrooms at ground level.Madame de Rochefort and Antoinette both had suites on the first floor, while the Baron occupied rooms at ground level.Bacon's sweet-shop and grocery was at ground level.At ground level there are haloed birds with spread wings.I used a forked stick - usually willow - and was very successful in finding water 20-40 feet below ground level.It had been a novelty at first, to sleep below ground level, footsteps passing on the pavement above her.Its replacement marker indicates a thirteen-foot drop between the present ground level and that of the mid-nineteenth century.Reduce power enough to ensure a rate of descent which will bring the model down to ground level just in front of you.