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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgulleygul‧ley /ˈɡʌli/ noun [countable]  DNanother spelling of gully
Examples from the Corpus
gulleyBlocked gullies How can you clear a gulley which is blocked with leaves?Before me lay a deep gulley choked with oleanders and thorny scrub, which descended precipitously down to the private beach.The others continued to advance into the gulley, scuttling between outcrops of rock.Most problems can be cleared by hand, using rubber gloves to lift debris from the bottom of the gulley.I had made it easy by falling asleep, and at the edge of the gulley.There - at the narrow end of the gulley.I recrossed the gulley and picked up Time and the pamphlet.Blood flows like water and soon the gulleys are full of crimson juice.