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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgustygust‧y /ˈɡʌsti/ adjective  DNwith wind blowing in strong sudden movements a cold gusty October night
Examples from the Corpus
gustyTo boot, the wind in the Sounds is gusty.But now, looking out at the gusty darkening waste, she did remember.Grant launched an all-out attack on these defenses during the gusty, , rainy, and misty dawn of May 12.It is rarely an impossibility to find a third person, and in gusty weather this must make sense.We just went on sitting there, blown by the gusty wind and watching the sky where the plane had disappeared.A sailing ship was passing, its mylar sails flapping in the gusty wind.Flying is often safer than towing into a really strong and gusty wind.The sky was low and constantly shifting as different layers of grey and black cloud were dragged around by gusty winds.