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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhazehaze1 /heɪz/ noun [singular, uncountable]  1 DNCLEAR/EASY TO SEE#smoke, dust, or mist in the air which is difficult to see throughhaze of a haze of cigarette smoke The sun was surrounded by a golden haze.2 CONFUSEDthe feeling of being very confused and unable to think clearly a drunken haze
Examples from the Corpus
hazeThe family is in a haze of shock and grief.But by this time the Captain had grown used to living in a blue haze.Of sand, surf and sea stretching for mile after mile after mile into the blue haze.Little orange fires flickered, and gray shapes moved among the dull-green helicopters in the morning haze.In the morning it looks like a smoky haze is hanging over the hills.During the tight formation take-off his eyes were on Stefan and the Spitfire as they climbed to get on top of the haze.There was a flash through the haze of dust as Ford knelt to fire the train.Squinting through the haze, Sam tried to place him.