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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhillyhill‧y /ˈhɪli/ ●●○ adjective (comparative hillier, superlative hilliest)  DNhaving a lot of hillshilly region/area/terrain etc
Examples from the Corpus
hillyThe vineyards are hilly and difficult to cultivate.The road was hilly and winding.In places the trees do grow more thickly and pines occur in some hilly areas.This hilly city is about to get another hill.Border runners build up mileage Haslemere Border road runners took on a windy and hilly course at Cranleigh last Sunday.the hilly farmlands of New Jerseyhilly roadsOut of 300 good class competitors, he achieved a brilliant second place on a hilly route in 59 mins. 7 secs.Fribourg is a small town built on a picturesque hilly site on a bend of the river Sarine.Irene daydreamed incessantly of hilly streets, cable cars, Chinatown and Rice-o-Roni.hilly region/area/terrain etcIn the central hilly region 70% of the annual herbage production is obtained in the spring with near zero summer production.In places the trees do grow more thickly and pines occur in some hilly areas.For example, it may not work in hilly areas because its transmission signal is weaker than satellite broadcasts.Hydrography One of the most striking features of the hilly terrain of viticultural Champagne is its network of rivers and canals.In desert and hilly regions, where agricultural production is low, people obtain two-thirds of their energy from firewood.