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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishldoce_166_diceice1 /aɪs/ ●●● S2 W3 noun  1 block_ice.jpg [uncountable]DNLIQUID water that has frozen into a solid stateicy Would you like some ice in your drink? Her hands were as cold as ice. The city spent $7 million to remove snow and ice from the roads.2 keep/put something on ice3 be (skating) on thin ice4 the ice5 [countable] a) DFFa frozen sweet food made with fruit juice syn sorbet b) especially British English old-fashionedDFF an ice cream6 [uncountable] American EnglishDCJ diamonds black ice, dry ice, → break the ice, → cut no ice, break1(29), cut1(39)COLLOCATIONSadjectivesthickThick ice was preventing the ship from moving.thinThe ice is too thin to skate on.black ice (=a layer of thin ice on a road that is very difficult to see)Black ice on the roads is making driving conditions very dangerous.crushed ice (=broken into small pieces, for example to add to a drink)Serve the cocktail with crushed ice.polar iceGlobal warming directly causes the melting of polar ice.verbsbe covered in iceOur driveway was covered in ice.ice meltsThe ice in my glass had begun to melt.ice formsIce was forming on the surface of the lake.ice cracksWe could feel the ice cracking beneath our feet.scrape the ice off somethingI scraped the ice off the car windscreen.ice + NOUNan ice cube (=a small square piece of ice that you add to a drink)She put a couple of ice cubes in her glass.ice crystals (=very small pieces of ice that form naturally)Ice crystals fall from the sky as snowflakes.phrasesa block of iceThe fish were packed in blocks of ice, ready for transportation.a lump of ice (=a large piece of ice)Huge lumps of ice break off from the glaciers and float in the sea.a sheet of iceA thin sheet of ice had formed over the surface of the pond. a slab of ice (=a thick flat piece of ice)Huge slabs of ice drifted down the frozen river.THESAURUSice water that has frozen into a solid stateice cubes in her Cokethe ice on the lakefrost a thin coating of white powder-like ice that forms on the ground and plants, or the weather conditions in which this powder appearsThere was frost on the ground.Even in May we can sometimes get a late frost.black ice an area of ice that is very difficult to see on a roadDriving conditions are dangerous, with black ice in many areas.icicle a long thin pointed piece of ice that hangs from a roof or other surfaceThere were icicles hanging down from the side of the house.hailstones frozen balls of ice which fall like rain from the skyHailstones as big as marbles flattened the crops.glacier a large mass of ice which moves slowly down a mountain valleyThe high mountain glaciers of South America and Asia are melting at an alarming rate. the Kangshung glaciericeberg a very large mass of ice floating in the sea, most of which is under the surface of the waterThe ship sank after hitting an iceberg in the North Atlantic.ice cap an area of thick ice that permanently covers the North and South PolesWe all know that the polar ice caps are melting because of global warming.
Examples from the Corpus
iceThere was hardly any ice in my Coke.This was worse, with impossible moves on gritty walls and creaks and trickles from the cliffs of ice.The icebox was packed with beer and he'd prepared a lobster salad that he'd left on ice.Lenses of rather pure ice are conceivable, but more likely is a permafrost containing 10 percent to 30 percent ice.Drive carefully - there's ice on the road.He began hacking at the ice on the gauges and the air intakes.The ground is frozen, thin ice covers the puddles between the furrows of the empty gray field.