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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishisletis‧let /ˈaɪlɪt/ noun [countable] literary  DNSGa very small island
Examples from the Corpus
isletGrabbing an islet would be the next step, said Tim Ding, a sociologist and opinion poll researcher for Gallup.Røst is actually a small group of islets rather than a single island, and a haven for birds in the spring.In 1951, some nesting burrows, occupied, were found on islets near Castle Roads.However, this generalization is evidently unwarranted since activation has been reported in rat pancreatic islet cells { 101,115 }.On the far side of the islet the rocks plunged precipitously away into a mesmeric blind indigo.Tumors of the islet cells lead to severe hypoglycemia.They moored in the evenings to various of the islets which dotted the river.At the back he eroded the once rectangular lawn into undulating islets of herbaceous beds and fruit trees.