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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishjetsamjet‧sam /ˈdʒetsəm/ noun [uncountable]  DNTHINGthings that are thrown from a ship and float on the sea towards the shore flotsam and jetsam at flotsam
Examples from the Corpus
jetsamFlotsam and jetsam of the universe.Elisabeth Valley is presenting a first solo exhibition by Sébastien De Ganay, whose paintings incorporate jetsam of various kinds.Carey bobbed like jetsam, always awkward even though Ellwood was swimming with the tide.It regarded them as mere jetsam, to be banished from the world like delinquents or the incorrigibly idle.She liked to wonder how a particular piece of jetsam had got there.But there was no suspicious heap lying grounded in the shallows, no flotsam or jetsam at all.There was, as Archie had promised, plenty of good kindling among the piled jetsam on the beach.Their wives, hand in hand, stepping carefully in expensive shoes over the summer's jetsam, brought up the rear.