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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmiremire /maɪə $ maɪr/ noun [uncountable] literary  1 DNdeep mud The wheels got stuck in the mire.2 the mire3 drag somebody’s name through the mire
Examples from the Corpus
mireOne outstanding local example was the Broyle in Ringmer, 2000 acres of scrub and clay mire, an old deer park.As the country is at present face down in the mire, such a development could only have positive benefits for us all.I was sinking fast in the mire of soft money.No one who had ever struggled in the mire as she had, could fail to understand.It will take a political Houdini escape trick to keep him from being sucked further into the mire.His enemies had made false accusations against him and wanted to drag him through the mire.