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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmistymist‧y /ˈmɪsti/ ●●○ adjective  1 DNmisty weather is weather with a lot of mist a cold, misty morning2 literaryCRY if your eyes are misty, they are full of tears, especially because you are remembering a time in the past He paused, his eyes growing misty. Whenever Maria sees a picture of her mother, she gets misty-eyed.3 CLEAR/EASY TO SEEnot clear or bright syn vague Without my glasses everything is just a misty blur.
Examples from the Corpus
mistyToward evening, the weather turned and, as they approached the dock, the sky was gray and misty.It was still misty but the sun was gathering strength and the mist had acquired a pearly hue promising better things.Descents from Moughton need care in misty conditions.As we walked out of the house, we looked back one more time, a little misty-eyedShe had fallen asleep, her mouth against the window, steaming it in a perspiration of misty gray film.The Galaxy was high in the sky and its misty lens shape stretched lazily from horizon to horizon.Becoming misty overnight with fog over the hills.Misty people in overcoats stood against the wall.We had misty rain as we started out but the sun came out just as we got to the rapids.It was a gray and misty spring morning.