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moanmoan2 noun [countable]  1 CRYa long low sound expressing pain, unhappiness, or sexual pleasuremoan of There was a moan of pain from the injured man. She gave a little moan of pleasure. a low moan2 have a moan (about something)3 literaryCDN a low sound made by the wind
Examples from the Corpus
moanThe announcement drew moans from the 150 people at Wednesday's meeting.This time, though, her moan was more of a squeal.Her moans of pleasure somehow don't ring true.He again apologises, this time for his long moan, and asks advice.A high-pitched moan of machinery and the sound of rushing air filled the structure, loud enough to make conversation difficult.The water was just right, slid over his skin as he gave out a long low satisfied moan into the steam.low moanHe gave a low moan of despair.She was about to turn around, when she heard a low moan.Their whispering and low moans echoed around the empty flat, like ghosts that danced on the ceiling with their shadows.