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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmoonlessmoon‧less /ˈmuːnləs/ adjective  DNDARKa moonless sky or night is dark because the moon cannot be seen a cloudy, moonless night
Examples from the Corpus
moonlessLydia woke suddenly in the tangible blackness that was moonless country night.I stepped outside into the moonless night and waited for another cry.It was a dark, moonless night outside.a cloudy, moonless nightFrom my window, I could see a raw streak of red hissing its way against the moonless night.It made me think of looking up at the stars on a moonless night.The thing that saved us was the moonless night.Catches are better on windy, moonless nights.The moonless sky was overcast, and gliding into an opaque blackness we might have been in outer space.