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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmoormoor1 /mʊə $ mʊr/ noun [countable usually plural]  especially British EnglishDN a wild open area of high land, covered with rough grass or low bushes and heather, that is not farmed because the soil is not good enough They went grouse shooting up on the moors. the Yorkshire moors
Examples from the Corpus
moorI can not tell you why, but please do what I ask you, and never come near the moor again.The cottage, with its lichen-covered roof, looked as though it had grown out of the moor.These tough animals, who live on the moors year round, were once used extensively in the coal mines.I put on my coat and went for a long walk on the moor.One night he was over the moors around North Stainmore and had to return home at dead of night.The road fizzled out at a gate plastered with fire hazard warnings, leading on to the moor itself.He was holding a light in his hand and looking out on to the moor.