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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmudflatmud‧flat /ˈmʌdflæt/ noun [countable usually plural]  1 DNAREAan area of muddy land that is covered by the sea when it comes up at high tide and uncovered when it goes down at low tide2 American EnglishDN the muddy bottom of a dry lake
Examples from the Corpus
mudflatFour great panthers crash into them at the pavement with a thud like a sledgehammer hitting a mudflat.More than 80 of these include mudflats, sand dunes, salt marshes and shingle banks.It's getting very lonely in the dusk and the river is fast disappearing, massive mudflats and a Lego landscape.The report warns that 85 percent of mudflats and surrounding salt marshes and dunes have been damaged by human activities.What remained of Belfast's mudflats seemed certain to be diminished by unrestricted dumping.This would leave less of the mudflats exposed.After 1800 the railways increased this trade and docks were built out of the mudflats along the waterfront of the Humber itself.Above him a raven cawed as it flew to hunt over the mudflats along the river.