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murmurmurmur2 noun [countable]  1 CSOUNDa soft low sound made by people speaking quietly or a long way awaymurmur of the murmur of voices in the other room She replied in a low murmur.murmur of agreement/surprise/regret etc (=one that expresses a particular feeling) There was a murmur of agreement from the crowd.see thesaurus at sound2 COMPLAINa complaint, but not a strong or official complaintmurmur of There have been murmurs of discontent over the new rules.3 do something without a murmur4 DNCthe soft low sound made by water, the wind etc the murmur of the little brook5 MIC heart murmur an unusual sound made by the heart, which shows that there may be something wrong with it
Examples from the Corpus
murmurSandy has hold of my lapel in the lightest way, instructing me in a murmur.There wasn't a murmur of disapproval from the drug testers - all the ingredients were natural and contained no chemical stimulants.Jan had the radio on in the room above, but it was no more than a murmur.A murmur of laughter ran through the congregation.Wagner spoke in a barely audible murmur.From the library there was a broken murmur of voices, subdued and spasmodic as a funeral gathering.A dark murmur rose among the diners.There were excited murmurs as the President entered the hall.a heart murmurHis throaty little murmurs told of his contentment and enjoyment of the ride.Sympathetic murmurs greet this delicate reference to her own spinsterhood, and the hunters then move in for the kill.Audible gasps rose here and there together with short, whispered words and the murmur of anticipation.The murmur of distant traffic reached us when the wind was in the east.the murmur of the little brookmurmur of agreement/surprise/regret etcThis caused a murmur of surprise amongst the onlookers.There was a murmur of surprise and enthusiasm in the hall.Once again the information that Elisa was living in a pensione provoked murmurs of surprise.When he spoke, the others confined themselves to murmurs of agreement.