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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpinewoodpine‧wood /ˈpaɪnwʊd/ noun  1 [countable]DN a forest of pine trees2 [uncountable]TIMHBP the wood from a pine tree
Examples from the Corpus
pinewoodThere were some boats turned upside down on the ground, then the palmetto and pinewoods of south Alabama.It is ten miles of golden sands backed by pinewoods.About half the planting under the scheme had been of broadleaved trees or native pinewoods.It is also seeking an expansion of pinewoods in the core areas of Deeside, Strathspey and the River Beauly catchment.Under the agreement, Stone is entitled to exploit 340,000 hectares of pinewoods in the area.Big bonfires made of pitchy pinewood have a peculiar mystic fascination.My first published piece of nature writing was about the pinewoods of Abernethy.