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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrainrain1 /reΙͺn/ ●●● S2 W2 noun πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 [uncountable]DN water that falls in small drops from clouds in the sky πŸ”Š a night of wind and rain πŸ”Š There will be heavy rain in most parts of the country.in the rain πŸ”Š I left my bicycle out in the rain. β†’ acid rain, rain drop, rainy2 β†’ the rains3 β†’ rain of something4 β†’ (come) rain or shine β€”rainless adjective β†’ right as rain at right1(9)COLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + rainheavy (=with a lot of water coming down)The rain became more heavy.light (=with little water coming down)A light rain began to fall.torrential (=very heavy)I woke to the sound of torrential rain.pouring rain (=very heavy rain)He left us standing in the pouring rain.driving rain (=heavy rain that is falling fast or being blown along)They struggled to walk against driving rain.freezing rain (=extremely cold rain) the icy wind and freezing rainfine rain (=very gentle rain)A fine rain was coming down as the game started. acid rain (=rain which contains pollution from factories)forests which have been damaged by acid rainverbsthe rain fallsThe rain was still falling steadily.the rain comes down (=it falls)If the rain starts coming down, we can always go inside.The monsoon rain comes down in sheets.the rain stopsThey went into a cafe and waited for the rain to stop.the rain eases off (=it starts to rain less)The rain should ease off in a minute.the rain pours down (=a lot of rain comes down)The rain was pouring down and I was quickly soaked.the rain pelts down (=it comes down fast)The rain was now pelting down.the rain beats/lashes (=it falls or hits something with a lot of force)Isabel listened to the rain beating down.the rain patters on something (=drops of rain hit something and make a sound)Rain pattered on the roof.get caught in the rain (=be outside when it starts raining)Did you get caught in the rain?phrasesit is pouring with rain British English, it is pouring rain American English (=a lot of rain is falling)When we went outside it was pouring with rain.it looks like rain (=rain appears likely because there are dark clouds in the sky)We ate indoors because it looked like rain.a drop of rainRobert felt a drop of rain on his face.an inch/25mm etc of rainTwo inches of rain fell in twelve hours.outbreaks of rain (=short periods of rain – used in weather forecasts)Outbreaks of rain will spread across northern parts.a rain shower (also a shower of rain British English) (=a short period of rain)a heavy shower of rain accompanied by lightning sheets of rain (=large moving masses of heavy rain)He drove home slowly, through sheets of rain.a rain cloudThick black rain clouds massed in the sky.THESAURUSrain noun [uncountable] water that falls in small drops from clouds in the skyThe rain has stopped at last.There had been heavy rain during the night.drizzle noun [uncountable] light rain with very small drops of waterA light drizzle was falling as I left the house.shower noun [countable] a short period of rain that can be heavy or lightMore heavy showers are forecast for tonight.a light shower of raindownpour noun [countable usually singular] a short period of very heavy rain that starts suddenlyA sudden downpour sent us running for shelter.a torrential downpourhail noun [uncountable] frozen rain that falls in the form of hailstones (=small balls of ice)The hail and high winds have destroyed many of the county’s crops.sleet noun [uncountable] a mixture of snow and rainThe rain had turned to sleet.Sleet and snow fell.the rains noun [plural] heavy rain that falls during a particular period in the year in tropical countriesThe farmers are waiting for the rains to come.monsoon noun [countable] the heavy rain that falls between April and October in India and other southern Asian countriesThe monsoon is late this year.the monsoon season
Examples from the Corpus
rainβ€’ When acid rain falls, it affects the pH balance of the soil.β€’ However, the weather may not be so good, and rain and gales are frequent.β€’ The new wind brought rain, and not just showers, but a constant soaking deluge flying sometimes straight at us.β€’ The roads are flooded after a period of exceptionally heavy rain.β€’ The moist snowfall had changed into rain.β€’ Some light rain is likely in the Boston area.β€’ There's an 80% chance of rain.β€’ Four inches of rain have fallen in four days.β€’ Between the gusts, the sound of rain on the roof and water pouring off it was continuous.β€’ The undisguised face gleamed in the rain.β€’ I like walking in the rainβ€’ It was peaceful, under the rain.β€’ The rain was beating against the window.β€’ The coast has been battered by torrential rain all week.in the rainβ€’ The hideous blood smear on the window was a running crimson blur in the rain.β€’ For the next several days it poured, but I continued to cut my firewood and build an outhouse in the rain.β€’ Balvinder Singh dropped me outside during a brief pause in the rain.β€’ Struggling, he pinched a finger, which bled pink in the rain.β€’ And on Saturday, in the rain at Newmarket, Jeremy Glover savoured it to the full.β€’ Do you remember waiting on the station in the rain?β€’ Said she liked to walk in the rain and eat peanut butter-and-banana sandwiches.