Language: Old English
Origin: regn


1 noun
rain1 S2 W2
1 [uncountable]DN water that falls in small drops from clouds in the sky:
a night of wind and rain
in the rain
I left my bicycle out in the rain.
heavy/torrential/pouring rain (=a lot of rain)
There will be heavy rain in most parts of the country.
The light rain had stopped.
An inch of rain fell in an hour.
As the first drops of rain fell, they ran for cover.
It was pouring with rain (=it was raining very hard) and Laura only had a thin dress on.
It looks like rain (=there are dark rain clouds), so let's go inside.
acid rain, rain drop, rainy

the rains

DNHEM heavy rain that falls during a particular period in the year in tropical countries [= monsoon]:
Last year, the rains came on time in April.

rain of something

a large number of things falling or moving through the air together:
The archers sent a rain of arrows towards the enemy.

(come) rain or shine

spoken whatever happens or whatever the weather is like:
Don't worry. We'll be there - rain or shine.
rainless adjective

➔ right as rain

at right1 (9)

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