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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishslopeslope1 /sləʊp $ sloʊp/ ●●○ W3 noun  1 [countable]DNHORIZONTAL a piece of ground or a surface that slopes a steep slope a gentle (=not steep) slope She looked back up the grassy slope.2 an area of steep ground covered with snow that people ski down We got to Tahoe on Friday, and hit the slopes (=skied on them) the next day.3 [singular]HORIZONTAL the angle at which something slopes in relation to a flat surface a slope of 30 degreesCOLLOCATIONSadjectivesa steep slopeI struggled to keep from slipping on the steep slope.a gentle slope (=not steep)We went down a long gentle slope.a long slopeThe street led up a long slope.a grassy slopeThe children had fun rolling down a grassy slope.a wooded slopeThe valley has wooded slopes.a rocky slopeThe farmhouse is situated on a rocky slope.a downward/downhill slopeShe strode down the long downhill slope which led towards her home.an uphill slopeIt is harder to land on an uphill slope.the lower/upper slopes of somethingIt was misty and only the lower slopes of Vesuvius could be seen.the eastern/northern etc slopes of somethingVines are grown on the eastern slopes of Mont Bernon.
Examples from the Corpus
slopea 30° slopethe beginner slopesFinally I left the car by the side of the road and we walked down a brushy slope.Proceed down slope in second field to stile ahead.Its steep sides are thronged with Goblin strongholds and its rocky slopes overlay caves and tunnels that are riddled with evil creatures.Men and women are segregated on the beaches and even the ski slopes.The car rolled down the slope into the lake.Further up, they came on hardwood forest and the angle of the slope grew gentler.He pressed up close, his hand resting on the slope of her thigh.The slope added impetus to his speed.The slopes are less crowded and, more importantly, there are no lift lines.gentle ... slopeThe house is at 620 feet above sea level and the farm is on a gentle east-facing slope.In the hummocky terrain of the valley floor the hollows, channels and gentle slopes are occupied by peat.Although this is not a beginner's resort, it's easy to escape to the more gentle slopes of Lech.The community typically occurs on peaty soils on gentle slopes or plateaus at higher altitudes.On gentle slopes it's easy to place the foot with the sole flat; your bodyweight will then secure the points.It looked perfect - gentle slopes within a semi circular bowl of hills.The ponies were growing restless, and she shook the reins and sent them on down the gentle slope towards the house.hit the slopesThe next day we hit the slopes.