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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsnow-cappedˈsnow-capped adjective literary  DNsnow-capped mountains are covered in snow at the top
Examples from the Corpus
snow-cappedAbove them towers the snow-capped Mount Illimani, symbol and guardian of La Paz.For now there were friends, and music, and food, and Christmas, and snow-capped mountains, and Zali.Two children, snow-capped mountains, brilliant vistas.All around are snow-capped mountains which provide the walker or nature-lover with magnificent opportunities to savour the Alpine flora.A view of the snow-capped peaks of Hualca-Hualca and Ampato through sprays of golden marigolds.The snow-capped peaks of the Sorondo mountain range provide a dramatic backdrop.Majestic snow-capped peaks towered over sweeping flower-strewn plains.The snow-capped summit, 2,642 metres high, offers astounding views.