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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsnowboundsnow‧bound /ˈsnəʊbaʊnd $ ˈsnoʊ-/ adjective  TTDNblocked or prevented from leaving a place by large amounts of snow travelers who are snowbound at the airport
Examples from the Corpus
snowboundIt developed that they were not snowbound after all.My wife has been snowbound back East for the past several days.Even snowbound consumers found ways to spend.And even beyond would be snowbound, perhaps right as far as the sea.She glanced at his strong profile, staring ahead at the snowbound road.Once they were snowbound she put the task off again and it was not until early March that the thaw began.Buckmaster sat beside him, staring at the bleak snowbound slopes of the moor.Snowbound travelers were stuck at the Denver airport for almost 24 hours this week.