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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsullensul‧len /ˈsʌlən/ adjective  1 BAD-TEMPEREDangry and silent, especially because you feel life has been unfair to youmorose Bill sat in sullen silence and refused to eat his lunch. a look of sullen resentment2 literaryDNDARK a sullen sky or sea is dark and looks as if bad weather is coming syn overcastsullenly adverbsullenness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
sullenThe girl was sullen and uncooperative.The little children were crying constantly, and the older ones were sullen and withdrawn.Starvation gave a gaunt menace to their sullen anger - and they were angry, he could not doubt it.They were tolerating that redhead well enough in spite of his sullen bad manners.Dick just sat there with a sullen expression on his face, refusing to speak.The three boys should have been at school with their ragged clothes, crew cuts and sullen eyes.a sullen gray skyA sullen grey July gave way to sultry August.It makes you think about those sullen high schoolers in a different light, see their lives along a time line.