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sunsun1 /sʌn/ ●●● S2 W1 noun  1 the sun/the Sun2 [uncountable]DN the heat and light that come from the sunsunny Too much sun is bad for you.in the sun We sat in the sun, eating ice cream. the warmth of the afternoon sun3 [countable]HA any star around which planets move4 everything/anything etc under the sun5 catch the sun make hay while the sun shines at hay(2)COLLOCATIONSMeanings 1 & 2verbsthe sun shinesWhen I woke, the sun was shining.the sun beats down/blazes down (=shines with a lot of light and heat)The sun beats down on us as we work.the sun comes out (=appears when cloud moves away)The rain stopped and the sun came out.the sun rises/comes up (=appears at the beginning of the day)As the sun rises, the birds take flight.the sun sets/goes down (=disappears at the end of the day)It is a good place to sit and watch the sun go down.the sun sinks (=gradually disappears at the end of the day)The sun sank lower and the breeze grew cool.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + sunthe hot/warm sunThe hot sun beat down on the men working.the blazing/burning sunTourists trudge around in the blazing sun.a bright sunIt was a warm day with a bright sun overhead.the morning/afternoon/evening sunWe ate breakfast outside in the gentle morning sun.the midday/noonday sunThey all sought shade from the blazing midday sun.the rising/setting sun (=the sun as it appears/disappears)The fields were ablaze with light from the setting sun.phrasesthe sun is high/low in the skyThey walked until the sun was low in the sky.nounsthe sun’s raysThis moisturiser will also protect skin from the sun’s rays.
Examples from the Corpus
suna distant sunThe fireball sun, the treacherous sea?This plant likes sun and water as well as a fertile, well-draining soil.That side of the house gets the most sun.The murdering sun had dipped below the horizon, and this was the time when she could forage for food.The cold, even in the golden fragments of sun, was biting.As the sun rose higher in the sky the shadow shortened until noon, when it disappeared at the sixth hour mark.The view while lying face down, shielding our eyes from the sun with our hands, was superb.He must have it or his sorrow will spoil like milk left in the sun.Others will take it easier, relax in the garden and soak up the sun.in the sunWe spent all day lazing around in the sun.As for the patio surface, remember that pale colours reflect light and can be dazzling in the sun.Exhausted by their exercise, they were content to drowse in the sun.The buckles glinted in the sun.I get a rash every time I go in the sun.The little Victorian station house stood there mellow in the sun, with tubs of flowers adding to the colourful scene.Mr Grange sits patiently in his aluminum chair out in the sun.Behind him the river sparkled placidly in the sun.The car sits there while the dust settles, shimmering in the sun.Put the plant on a window sill in the sun.I can't sit in the sun anymore - it's too hot.He studied in the sun, in the rain, by every shape moon.