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swollenswollen2 adjective  1 MIBIGa part of your body that is swollen is bigger than usual, especially because you are ill or injured swollen glands a badly swollen ankle His eyes were swollen from crying.2 DNWATERa river that is swollen has more water in it than usual3 have a swollen head/be swollen-headed
Examples from the Corpus
swollenThe brook was swollen and Hazel's ears could distinguish the deeper, smoother sound, changed since the day before.But it has its mundane side, like backache and swollen ankles.My knee's still really swollen from the accident.Mr Price said her statement described Mr Robson as having a swollen hand and scratches on his face.I went across to the dripping tap and held my swollen hand under the cold running water.He struggled through a few games but a swollen knee indicated his problems were not over.The floating leaves are spongy and swollen, thus making the plant buoyant.Never my best feature, my face is still swollen, up there on the left-hand side.