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thawthaw2 noun  1 [singular]HEMDN a period of warm weather during which snow and ice melt The thaw begins in March.2 [countable]PG an improvement in relations between two countries, after a period of unfriendliness
Examples from the Corpus
thawBrief thaws came often, but Provincetown seemed, in general, arctic and bereft.Rocks splintered by centuries of cyclic thaws crumbled under my boots.Perhaps it was to exploit this slight sign of thaw that Eisenhower immediately afterwards invited Khrushchev to the United States.Freezing at night, baking during the day, ice storms after spring thaw, all create a rugged habitat.the spring thawYet the outburst of modernism which occurred in the thaw years, did not spring from a total void.In many places the thaw was complete, and he trudged through mud.For a while, until the thaw or rain, these muddy tracks will be fossilised and time will stand still.the thaw in East-West tensions